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68594-00622 Nairobi, Bario Building

Phone: (254) 722-873586

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We offer the best support for our clients. By resolving their promlems and understanding their needs, Reliablity is always there with Saftell.

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We always want our customers grow rapidly. We will avail all the new technologies that our customers, require with extra touch and brelience in terms of development.

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Our target is to be number one communications company in the region that strives for excellene, Therefore we are committed providing our services.

Complete VoIP-based Call Shop Solution/Service provided on an ASP model to facilitate the building of Call Shops and to support their operation and management anywhere on the Internet for offering local and long distance telephone call service - with all the functional features you need at extremely low start-up and on-going operation costs. Operation Features & Benefits The Operator tells the customer which phone booth to use, or the customer may select the booth, depending on the call shop’s organization. The Operator may disable booths when not in use and enable them only when there are customers. The customer goes to the booth, dials the telephone number, has a conversation, and at the end of the call, goes to the Operator’s desk to pay for the call and get a receipt. The customer may make multiple calls if desired before returning to the Operator.

“This is the most profitable system ever for callshops.”


Jun 14, 2009
The company SafTell was founded , and soonthe operations started Currently we have high number of customers who since dealing with us, have made lots of savings .

Aug 24, 2009
Customers have finally been able to our use website which made so easy for them to memorise instead of the complicated IPs and texts with links, These links include CDR and downloads for PC2Phone and Callshop dialers.